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Word Study - Acts 3:19


Greek - ANAPSUXIS (an-ap'-sook-sis) - "times of refreshing"


"Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord," Acts 3:19



Recovery of breath - revival - cooling again -reanimate - alleviating pain - repair a ship - recreation - peaceful enjoyment - bliss - to cheer - resting from strenuous labor - spiritual strengthening - reviving with fresh air - respite - encouragement - recovering happiness - refreshing coolness - restoration - spiritual recuperation - satisfaction - renewing. Note: Only one N.T. occurrence. Modern Greek defines anapsuxis as "Refrigerator" and "refreshment stand".





STRONG'S #403--A recovery of breath. A revival.


YOUNG'S--A cooling again or refreshing again.

TYRO'S--To reanimate by exposing to the breeze. To alleviate the pains of a wound by fanning. To dry out or repair a ship by bringing it on shore.


ROBINSON'S--Recreation. Times of peaceful enjoyment and bliss.


LAMPES, PATRISTIC LEXICON--Alleviation. To cheer, relieve, revive, and recover one's self.


BARCLAY NEWMAN--Spiritual strengthening.


BAGSTER--Refreshing coolness after heat


EARLE'S N.T. WORD MEANINGS--Acts 3:19-"Times of revival."


MARVIN VINCENT--Cooling or reviving with fresh air


UNITED BIBLE SOCIETIES--Anapsuxis is a state of cheer and encouragement after a period of having been troubled or upset. "Encouragement". "Recovery of happiness". UBS translates Acts 3:19, "So that times of encouragement will come from the presence of the Lord."

R.B. RACKHAM--The word "refreshing" was used by the Greek translators in Psalms 66:12 for the "wealthy place" into which Israel was brought after passing through fire and water. It takes us back to Exodus.


EXEGETICAL DICT. OF THE N.T.--Times of refreshing which in contrast to previous times,

bring new life.


KITTEL--Restoration and refreshment both physical and spiritual


DONNEGAN--Refrigeration--metonymy for a tranquil and happy state




R.C. LENSKI--Seasons of refreshing or cooling from the presence of the Lord are longer or shorter periods of spiritual enjoyment when men who repent and are justified are given times in which to feel the sweetness of God's grace in Christ Jesus without disturbance. They come from God's presence or countenance like sunshine and pleasant breezes. The old legalism of pharisaism knew nothing about such seasons. All work-righteousness is like the drive, heat and sweat of slavery. Difficult times, even fiery trials, alternate with such pleasant seasons.


BIBLE SOCIETY TRANSLATORS--Times of spiritual strength. Breathing space--relaxation--relief. This expression does not appear in rabbinic literature. It is evidently not a Semitic idiom. However, most commentaries believe the phrase to mean those periods of refreshment during which God strengthens the human spirit. Spiritual strength (anapsuxis) may be translated "rest for your spirits", or "recuperation for your spirits", "a time of renewing for your spirits."


BLOOMFIELD--To rest from (strenuous) labor. Anapsuxis denotes: 1) Recovering one's breath after it has been interrupted, 2) A breathing time from some labor, 3) A rest from trouble, 4) Deliverance from evil, 5) The satisfaction or pleasure generally occasioned by such a change.


MATTHEW HENRY--Consolation to the Lord's people like a cool shade to those that have borne the burden and heat of the day.

DOD'S BIBLE--Calamities in the bible are compared to drought and excessive heat, likewise deliverance from them is represented under the image of a cool and refreshing breeze.


A.S. WORRELL--The eternal cycles of glory and bliss will come, of which the pentecostal blessings were foretastes.


SUTCLIFFE--God will water a contrite people with showers of His grace, as He waters the parched earth with rain.