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November 21,
Our next
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 November 21

ID is: 963847219

We want to bless and encourage you! Come and spend an hour with us in personal ministry and prayer.  We are praying and believing in advance for a powerful, anointed, Spirit-filled time of ministry!

What is a webinar?
A webinar is a live, Internet service that you can take part in from a computer or device that has Internet access. You listen to the service like you are listening to the radio. One great advantage of a webinar, compared to a typical church service, is that you can participate from your location. That means you can attend one of our services right from your own home! We have people attend from all over the world in different time zones and continents, all at the same time, all joining together to be encouraged and refreshed.  In January, we hold a special New Year Prophetic Service and Debbie, Judah, and Lindsey give a prophetic word for year, as well as personal ministry and prayer. The service is always insightful, empowering, and encouraging. Come and join us and be energized for the New Year!
How to I join the service?
It's easy! [Click here] to register then click on the "Join A Webinar" button, and follow the very simple instructions. We hope you can make it!