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What Is "Dick Mills Ministries?"

Dick was ordained by the International Church Of The Foursquare Gospel. He and his wife Betty, traveled for over 40 years passing through all denominational barriers, preaching and personally ministering to tens of thousands of people. Dick ministered in main-line Christian churches as well as TV (CBN and TBN) and nurmerous radio stations across the world. He was also an author with over five books in print. Dick's ministry was characterized by his unique ability to personally minister to individuals a word of knowledge, word of wisdom, or a prophetic word. Pat Robertson explained his ministry in this way, "God has gifted him with what amounts to being a photographic memory containing thousands of Scriptures. Then, under the anointing of the Holy Spirit, these words are brought forth at an appropriate time to minister to the needs of those in his presence. He has been used of God to bring deep spiritual blessings at crucial times in my own life."


Dick and Betty are now home in heaven. We will continue their ministry as long as we are are meeting a need and ministering to the body of Christ. It is a rare thing in the body of Christ to be ministered to prophetically, especially in a personal way. For those of you who are reading this and you’ve had the experience of being called out in a service and receiving a personal word, you know how life changing, encouraging, exciting, and touching it is. In that moment you know God has singled you out and without a doubt has focused directly on you. What an amazing God we serve that He would speak to us so intimately and so personally. "Is that the only way God speaks to us?" Of course not! We all can hear God’s voice in our own personal prayer time. God gave the prophetic to augment our own individual walk, to confirm what He has already spoken to us privately and to amaze us with His power. He confirms His word in our hearts with His whispers of the future and the assurance of His love and devotion to us. We have received so many testimonies, both when Dick was alive and after his passing of people being amazed and so touched by the fact that God spoke through someone else to reach them. Our monthly service continues this needed outreach to the body of Christ that is so badly missing in the church at large, and is an extension of Dick’s anointing and gifting reaching out to the next generations.
Dick was also known for his anointed writing. His book, "He Spoke And I Was Strengthened," is an extension of his public ministry in written form — each chapter is a personal word to individuals in a particular life situation. He also was known for taking Greek and Hebrew word studies with Lexiconal and studied Commentary and making the Scriptures come alive in a way that was understandable and illuminating to the average person. His devotional books, "The Spirit-Filled Believer’s Daily Devotional," are an example of this as well as his many articles. We have continued this part of his ministry through our Facebook and Internet presence and by working to get all his books and writings in digital form (we are still hard at work on this.)


We have only two people on staff now so our financial need to keep things going it at the lowest possible amount but our need for your prayers is great. We would like to ask you to continue to partner with us and financially support this outreach as we take Dick’s ministry and legacy into the future. We believe passionately that there is a valid need in the body of Christ for personal ministry and that his books and other writings will bless many people for generations to come.

En Agape,

DMM Team


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